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Toilet & Bathroom Setup

Professional Toilet and Bathroom Setup & Plumbing Services for Your Home & Office

At Urban Plumbing Co, we understand the importance of a well-functioning and aesthetically pleasing bathroom in your home. Our team of certified and experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch toilet and bathroom setup and plumbing services that cater to your unique needs and preferences. With our comprehensive range of services, we strive to deliver exceptional results that enhance the comfort, functionality, and value of your bathroom.

Our Toilet and Bathroom Setup & Plumbing Services Include:

  1. Bathroom Design Consultation: Our experts work closely with you to develop a bathroom design that reflects your style and meets your functional requirements. We provide guidance on selecting fixtures, finishes, and layout options to create a space that perfectly suits your needs.

  2. Toilet Installation: We specialize in the installation of various types of toilets, including standard, wall-mounted, and smart toilets. Our team ensures a seamless and secure installation, guaranteeing the proper function and durability of your new toilet.

  3. Sink and Faucet Installation: Our technicians are experienced in installing a wide range of sinks and faucets, from pedestal sinks to vessel sinks, and single-handle to touchless faucets. We ensure proper installation for optimal functionality and a polished appearance.

  4. Bathtub and Shower Installation: Whether you prefer a traditional bathtub, a walk-in shower, or a combination of both, our team is skilled in installing a variety of bathtub and shower options that cater to your preferences and needs.

  5. Bathroom Plumbing: We provide comprehensive bathroom plumbing services, including pipe installation and repairs, drain cleaning, and leak detection. Our team ensures your bathroom plumbing system functions efficiently and reliably.

  6. Bathroom Fixture Repair and Replacement: From a leaky faucet to a cracked sink, our team is trained to diagnose and repair a wide range of bathroom fixture issues. We also offer replacement services for damaged or outdated fixtures, ensuring your bathroom remains in excellent condition.

  7. Bathroom Remodeling: Looking to give your bathroom a makeover? Our team can help you transform your space with new fixtures, plumbing updates, and layout modifications, creating a revitalized and functional bathroom that meets your changing needs and preferences.